It’s nice to have choices. Your Lianas website gives you the option of creating a revenue stream.

Raise funds with advertising and sponsorships

Many clubs use local advertisements and sponsorships to not only cover website costs but also create revenue opportunities. With your Lianas website, you have several revenue opportunities for your club or team:

  1. Sell Advertising Space. You’ll get good results selling your own advertising space to local businesses. It takes a little legwork, but it’s worth it. Many times sponsors can be found within the club by simply using the ad system to advertise for sponsors. You can also send club-wide interest inquiries.
  2. Sell Sponsorships. Your website, or a portion of your site, can be sponsored by a business or organization.


Local advertising opportunities can be featured on your site. With the club-wide advertising module, it’s easy to set up text-based advertisements with logos to drive business locally. The site displays only one ad at a time on a page and the ad links to your advertiser or sponsor.

Anyone whose customers are your members and their families are potential prospects. Some common advertisers include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Personal services professionals such as financial planners, mortgage bankers, orthodontists, estate, and tax professionals, etc.
  • Residential services such as renovations, landscaping, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, etc.
  • Local restaurants and ice cream parlors.

How ads work

The Lianas advertising module allows your club or team to randomly display as many advertisements from as many advertisers or sponsors as you wish in the prime viewing ad-location on each page. If an advertiser posts more than one ad, the system will randomly display all posted ads. There is only one ad location per page, so only one ad appears to the site user at a time. On the home page, this is in the middle right of the page. On most other pages, the ad space is in the upper right. Click through statistics are provided and site analytics are available upon request.

Advertising module fee

If your club chooses to use the advertising module, the club will be charged a small annual per member fee. See Swim and Tennis Pricing or Soccer Pricing for details.


You can also offer sponsorship opportunities. For example,  Lianas Swim and Tennis platforms come with a built-in swim team sponsorship section. The ads are listed on the swim team home page and are also listed on a Sponsors page. Some clubs offer sponsorship tiers which might be structured like this:

  • Premium—Corporate logo hyperlinked to the company website on the team’s home page
  • Supporter—A logo on the website’s Sponsor’s  page with a link to the company website
  • Friend—Recognition on the Sponsor’s page


Advertising Example

Value to advertisers and sponsors

Swim & tennis clubs offer very attractive demographics for numerous potential advertisers and sponsors. For example, a 200 member swim and tennis club utilizing all of the features of the site can expect 60,000 annual page and ad views. Charging $.03/ad view, a 10,000 ad block would cost a sponsor $300. The total value of all 6 blocks would be $1,800. A very active swim and tennis site generating 80,000 annual page views would be worth $2,400 in this scenario.

Lianas community advertising

Lianas may make certain advertisements available to its member sites. Lianas Community Web Hosting welcomes the development of strategic partnerships and relationships with businesses and activities that share our strategic vision for the development of quality programs for youth and families. These relationships are crafted through joint discussion and are custom-tailored to the mutual interests of the parties involved. For more information contact Lianas at


See FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

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