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How do I customize my site?

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Lianas websites make creating, adding, and editing content easy. If you are familiar with basic word processing commands, you're good to go. The site uses standard technology for formatting, including embedded links, inserting tables, and posting embed code from popular on-line video sites such as YouTube™.

Can more than one person add or edit copy on the site at a time?

Absolutely. In fact we recommend clubs give site access and responsibility to functional managers--for example, Swimming, Tennis, Social, etc. This lets managers enter and manage their  own content real time (with suitable coaching and encouragement by the overall site manager as needed).

Editor access for specific pages in the site can also be given to additional members who help out with specific functional areas, for example, swim team.

If you have questions about how features work, are looking for tips, or want to learn more about specific elements, you’ll find support in the Resource Materials that come with your site.

Is there a simple way to transfer our copy from our existing site?
Yes! If you already have a website, you can easily copy and paste your club's content into your new site.

Is there a way to simplify the upkeep for recurring changes, for example the weekly soccer lineups?
Yes. You can set up and save templates for formats that are used frequently, like a soccer lineup.  Or you can just copy and paste from one area on the site, such as an event, to another.


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