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You can reach Lianas Customer Support through our contact form or email us at help@Lianas.net. Excellent customer service is important to us – we love it when we get it, don’t you? – and so we respond to all help questions ASAP upon receiving them. 


Because we are continually upgrading our products and adding new features, issues crop up from time-to-time. If you come across something that you think we should address, please use the feedback tab on your site or click feedback  to let us know.



There are 3 levels of security on the site. The first is publicly available information. The second is information accessible only by signed on site members, and the third is information that is accessible to signed on site managers.

Areas within the site include:

  • Always Public: Certain pages like the home page, announcement subject lines, calendar view, locations, functional home pages, e.g. pool home or team information, and coaches/team manager page are always public.
  • Optional Public/Private: Details within Quick Link pages, announcements, events, individuals on team page, and supplemental pages, may be set to private (signed on members only) if desired.  Players may set their own access independent of other players.
  • Always Private: The members-only sections include: Directory, Photo Albums, Classified Ads, Surveys and Discussion Boards. These areas are only viewable by signed-on members.
  • Manager’s Only: Everything under site administration is only available to signed-on managers.
  • Editor Access: Many sections of the site are set up to allow a site manager to give editor access to a specific page to any user for ease of content management. For example, a swim team manager might give a parent assistant editor access to the swim home or supplemental pages.  In soccer sites the manager may give individual families editor access to their player relieving the manager of update responsibilities.


Updating Contact Information

How do I update my club contact information or billing address?
Club administrators may call us toll-free at 1-855-237-4441, email info@lianas.net, or contact us to submit changes.

If you are a member of a club with a Lianas website, update your personal information by logging onto your site and click on the profile link in the upper right corner.  Contact your site administrator if you have questions. 

Site Look

The look of your site can be modified to fit your club’s color scheme or logo.  You can also adjust fonts, type sizes, and heading colors through the editing function.

The look and feel of your site is also affected by the photos and other images you include.

See your site Resource materials for more information. 

Include Links

You can include:

  • Embedded Links within your text using the chain link icon in text tool bar
  • Quick Links to other pages within your site
  • Web Links

Create Content

Lianas websites make creating, adding, and editing content easy. If you are familiar with basic word processing commands, you're good to go. The site uses standard technology for formatting, including embedded links, inserting tables, and posting embed code from popular on-line video sites such as YouTube™.

Can more than one person add or edit copy on the site at a time?

Absolutely. In fact we recommend clubs give site access and responsibility to functional managers--for example, Swimming, Tennis, Social, etc. This lets managers enter and manage their  own content real time (with suitable coaching and encouragement by the overall site manager as needed).

Editor access for specific pages in the site can also be given to additional members who help out with specific functional areas, for example, swim team.

If you have questions about how features work, are looking for tips, or want to learn more about specific elements, you’ll find support in the Resource Materials that come with your site.

Is there a simple way to transfer our copy from our existing site?
Yes! If you already have a website, you can easily copy and paste your club's content into your new site.

Is there a way to simplify the upkeep for recurring changes, for example the weekly soccer lineups?
Yes. You can set up and save templates for formats that are used frequently, like a soccer lineup.  Or you can just copy and paste from one area on the site, such as an event, to another.


System Requirements

Administrator Needs
Basic computers with internet access and a browser are just fine for setting up your Lianas Community website.

The Lianas.net websites support every major modern browser (Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 3 and above, Chrome, Safari, Opera) plus most mobile phone browsers.


What is the Lianas Privacy Policy?
We hate spam, and your privacy is important to us. See our Privacy Policy for details. 

File Size Limitation

There is not a file size limitation at this time.

Uploaded photos are reduced in size for speed of viewing on the site. Prior to uploading, we recommend that you resize your photos to around 100kb to speed the process.

Insert Files

You can add many types of files:

  • Photos
  • Logos
  • Video
  • PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Files
  • YouTube™ Videos

Online Payments

Can Lianas help my organization with online payments?
Yes. Lianas currently uses PayPal for online payments. Your organization will sign up for its own PayPal account and PayPal will handle the processing and collections. Paypal charges a processing fee for their services.

An Online Payments Reference Guide is available on request. Contact us for more information.

Advertising and Sponsorships

How does the advertising module work?
See Advertising for an overview of local advertisement and sponsorship fundraising opportunities and information about Lianas community advertising.

If my club or team secures sponsorships or advertising for our site, does Lianas get a cut of the revenue?
No. Any sponsorship or advertising revenue you raise belongs to your club or team. In fact many organizations use this approach to cover the costs of their Lianas sites and to raise additional funds for other uses. Lianas does charge a nominal fee for use of the advertising module. For details, see Swim + Tennis Pricing or Soccer Pricing. or o 

Does Lianas need to approve the advertisements we put on our site?
No. Your club or team is responsible for the agreements it makes and for working with its sponsors and advertisers regarding the appropriateness of any materials you see, run, and/or serve on your site.

Lianas is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any interactions or dealings with advertisers or sponsors or as the result of the presence of such advertisers or sponsors on your site. See Terms of Service for more information.

Signing Up

Lianas offers software as a service with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.  The first 30 days are part of your free evaluation period and once you decide to move forward you have an additional 30 days in the guarantee.

Are you ready to register for a new website?  Get Started.

If you are a member of a club, team, or other organization that uses a Lianas website, you will be given access by the site administrator. You may apply on the site for access.  Click 'create an account' in the upper right corner of your team site.  Your site administrator will grant you access.  You will receive an email with instructions for setting up your own password and personal profile including additional email addresses.

Domain Names

Who owns the domain name if we cancel Lianas service in the future?
If Lianas has purchased a domain name on your behalf, and your account is in good standing, you may arrange to transfer ownership of the domain name to your new club registrar for $50.

What if we already have a domain name we’d like to use?
You may keep your existing domain name. When we're ready to launch, you will have to change your name servers to point your URL to the Lianas servers. Generally, we allow 24 hours for this to take place.

What if we want a new domain name?
We can obtain a new domain name for you, or you can go to a registrar and pick one out yourself.

Lianas is a reseller for GoDaddy.com and has a reseller site at: www.lianas.biz. The prices are the same and this service offers the advantage of keeping your registration in a place we know.

You can also use www.yourname.lianas.net as a free address.

Cancellation Policy

What is the cancellation policy? 
You can end your account at any time. You can cancel your Lianas website agreement at any time in writing. Your account will stay active through the end of the term for which you have paid. For example, if you paid for 12 months on January 1 and you cancel on October 14, your website will stay live through December 31st.

If you cancel your website agreement during the 30-day trial period, you will not be charged. However, after the 30-day trial period ends, you will be charged for use of the website. If you cancel during the 30-day satisfaction guarantee period, you will be refunded any paid subscription fees.

How do I cancel my account?
To cancel, submit your cancellation in writing per the instructions in your hosting agreement or contact us.

What happens when I cancel?
If you cancel your account, your website will remain active up through the end date of your current payment term. After that, your site will be frozen, and potentially deleted from the servers. You may, however, generally restore previous functionality by renewing your subscription within 60 days of your agreement due date.

Lianas Refund Policy

What is the refund policy?
We’re sorry, but we cannot issue refunds once the satisfaction guarantee period ends. Annual payment is due 60 days after you start, and it includes 30 free days of evaluation (the trial period). Paid subscription fees are refundable for written cancellations within the 30 day satisfaction guarantee period. Set up fees cover expenses incurred on behalf of the club to ready the site are not refundable. Fees for any special work done at the club’s request are also not refundable. 


How do I pay for my website?
You will be invoiced at the club’s billing address when you receive your trial site and given 30 days to pay. You may pay for your website through your Club’s check or money order. Payments for Lianas websites are non-refundable after the 30 day satisfaction guarantee period. Paid subscription fees are refundable for written cancellations within the 30 day satisfaction guarantee period. Set up fees and any fees covering expenses incurred on behalf of the club to ready the site are not refundable.

Can I pay monthly?
No. In order to keep prices as low as possible, we require payment for 12 months.

Satisfaction Guarantee

What is the satisfaction guarantee period?
After the 30 day trial period, there is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee period in which you may cancel for a full refund of your subscription fees. Set up fees or charges for negotiated special work on your club’s behalf are not refundable. 


Swim and Tennis

How much will my website cost after the trial period?
Affordable Lianas web solutions don’t break the bank. Fees are based on the number of active households in your club. We don’t charge extra for the platform’s advanced functionality, set up, disk space, web hosting, traffic, document and image storage, emails, additional family members in the same household, or technical support. See Pricing for more details.

Are there set up fees? 
Yes, there is a one-time $200 set up fee that covers domain name acquisition, database upload of your membership, and technical support.


How much will my website cost after the trial period?
Affordable Lianas web solutions don’t break the bank. Fees are based on the level of services chosen by the club, the club size and number of teams. We believe that we offer the best value for your money in the marketplace.

Individual teams: Individual teams can sign up for $85/team per year. For an additional $50 we will add your logo and provide a unique domain name.

Clubs and multiple teams: Contact us for pricing.

We don’t charge extra for disk space, web hosting, traffic, document and image storage, emails, additional family members in the same household, or technical support. See Pricing for more details.

Special Requests

Are there fees for special requests?
Any charges for special requests depend on the nature of the request, and would be discussed with you in advance and subject to a work authorization approval process.

If you have an idea for something requiring programming that may have wide-spread application to the Lianas platform, or to other clubs, it may be possible to share development costs or to include development of the concept in the next iteration of the Lianas platform. Other work would need to be billed directly to your club. 

Trial Period

The trial period is the 30 days from the date you receive your website activation during which you are a member of the Lianas Community at no cost and with no obligation.

The purpose of this period is for you to get to know the site and add content in preparation for launch.

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