Using a Lianas Website


There are 3 levels of security on the site. The first is publicly available information. The second is information accessible only by signed on site members, and the third is information that is accessible to signed on site managers.

Areas within the site include:

  • Always Public: Certain pages like the home page, announcement subject lines, calendar view, locations, functional home pages, e.g. pool home or team information, and coaches/team manager page are always public.
  • Optional Public/Private: Details within Quick Link pages, announcements, events, individuals on team page, and supplemental pages, may be set to private (signed on members only) if desired.  Players may set their own access independent of other players.
  • Always Private: The members-only sections include: Directory, Photo Albums, Classified Ads, Surveys and Discussion Boards. These areas are only viewable by signed-on members.
  • Manager’s Only: Everything under site administration is only available to signed-on managers.
  • Editor Access: Many sections of the site are set up to allow a site manager to give editor access to a specific page to any user for ease of content management. For example, a swim team manager might give a parent assistant editor access to the swim home or supplemental pages.  In soccer sites the manager may give individual families editor access to their player relieving the manager of update responsibilities.


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