“I find the site very easy to maintain. When people say, ‘Wow you did a lot of work,’ I have to admit to them, no, it was not that much, the system is set up so that I just plug everything in!”

– Brian, Team Manager


Lianas soccer web solutions help clubs organize,
communicate and play. 

Easily tailor an effective, affordable website 

Soccer Soccer Social Governance

Team Site

  • Individual team-centered communication hub
  • Scheduling meetings, practices, games, and events
  • Game information
  • Announcements
  • Directions and location mapping
  • Manage out-of-town Tournament mapping, volunteers, planning/information
  • In/out RSVPs
  • Coach information
  • Player’s bios allow video posting
  • College coach communication vehicle
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Club Features

  • Common naming scheme for all team websites
  • Team Templates
    • Venue maps
    • Academy line-up forms
    • Tryout information
    • Special event information
    • Camps, etc. 
  • Great Marketing Tool
    • Similar look and feel for team sites looks impressive
    • Communicates an organized group that makes it easy  for parents to do busines with  
    • Shows off the organization's fun and active teams
  • Potential revenue stream through advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Unlimited additional pages for your programs
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Team & Club Events & Social Features

  • On-line event RSVP's
  • Camp, clinic, tournament and charity event information and registrations
  • Volunteer sign-up and management
  • Photo Albums
  • Team and Parent page with photos helps sideline chemistry (and the coach)

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 Team & Club Management

  • Simple-to-use system
  • Instantaneous email and email-to-text messages
  • Coaches can own their team content
  • Parents or others can be given “editor access” to update team site
  • Surveys, polling  and voting
  • Discussion forums can be restricted to coaches only or other groups
  • Classified ads for lost-and-found, wanted, etc.
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