Organize, communicate and play.

Build community

Communication is the core of community. Lianas websites help you:

Keep people informed and organized with a centralized events calendar, announcements, documents, maps, directions, photos and videos. You can also link to relevant external resources.

Help people get to know each other through:

  • Customizable team and coach profiles with pictures,
  • Sharing photos (download the ones you like) and videos,
  • Polls and surveys, and
  • Online discussion forums on whatever topics come up.

Image of sample Team Parents photos and contact info

Sample of the Very Popular Team Parents Feature

Build your club’s presence and promote soccer with your families by posting news stories on team sites, listing local soccer events, and including links or fun facts about professional players and teams.

Make adding new informational topics such as tournament nutrition tips or tryout information easy with supplemental web pages and targeted email lists. Online sign-ups are a snap.

Keep the right mix of public and private information with three layers of access:  

  • Public
  • Members only – Private to your community members.
  • Administrative – Team site manager(s) have universal access to every page of the site. Many pages, including player profiles, allow permission to be given for individual non-managers to make updates.

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