Organize, communicate and play.

It’s simple to email, text, and RSS multiple audiences

Make routine and last-minute communication easy:  

  • Instantly communicate with your peeps—and their parents— on their terms. Email? Text message? RSS feed? No problem.
  • Send just the information people need. Do they need team-specific scoop on directions to today’s match? Or tournament medical forms and hotel registration information? No problem. Oh, with automatically generated return links in an email, recipients can quickly find the RSVP for events, volunteer on-line, or find game related information. 
  • Stop redundant and unnecessary emails. Entering info on site for vounteer positions, surveys, RSVPs or sharing photos means no more email “reply all” blizzards!
  • Automated email reminders. Lianas websites can give people gentle, automated nudges to help them remember their volunteer commitments.
  • Email list subscriptions. Site managers can create email list sub-categories like league games, clinics, or tournaments. Users can elect which categories of information they want to receive.
Directory Insert

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Members choose how they’d like to receive information: 

  • Primary email address

  • Add'l addresses

  • Text messages

Create an Announcement example

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Managers can quickly reach a target audience via custom lists.


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