Organize, communicate and play.

Make it easy for players and parents

Lianas websites make it easier for club families to get and stay involved in youth soccer.

Parents and players love:

One stop shop for all information.  Sure there's a link for the schedule, directions, field status, tournament info and emails with everything else.  Please don't make me remember it all or find it on the run or while at work.

Easy access to club and team information. From home, work or via Smartphone, it’s simple to look up things like:

  • Practice schedules and times (even practice shirt color),
  • Uniform requirements,
  • Game times,
  • Coach contact information,
  • And more. 

Being able to quickly find location info. The Lianas location mapping feature includes a location map which generates driving directions to any event. (Map links can be added to any page on the site.)

Photo and video features.

  • Online “player cards” show photos and “at-a-glance” stats about players.
  • Coaches’ cards also include their contact information.
  • Parent photo sections make it easy to learn people’s names and feel part of the team.
  • Photo album and game video-sharing opportunities help you stay in touch and be part of the fun even if you miss a game.
  • For more competitive teams, the player pages also help young athletes market themselves to college coaches. 

Image of  sample Player Card showing picture and vital statistics Sample Player Card

College recruiting features. Recruiters appreciate the opportunity to review prospective player stats, biographies, athletic and academic qualifications, and posted videos prior to live observation or as follow up to a contact. Players and families can edit player biographical information and, when appropriate, give contact information to recruiters to view.  

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