Organize, communicate and play.

Simplify life for coaches and team managers

Coaches and managers love Lianas. It simplifies their lives with:

Easy to learn-and-use editorial features. Anyone who knows how to use a word processing program has the skills to add information or make changes on a Lianas website.  No more dependence on a web guru to post stuff.

Team profile pages. Give an overview of the team and help people get to know each other with:

  • Player managed short-biographies, stats and pictures
  • Coach pictures and contact information
  • Parent names and pictures
  • Team rankings
  • Team records
  • Past and future tournament summaries and listings
  • Player managed long-bio's allows more detailed athletic and academic qualifications, including the ability to post videos (great for older, competitive players looking to play in college)

Image of sample soccer Team Profile page

Sample Soccer Team Profile Page

Team management features. Coaches and managers can:

  • Online volunteer feature with email reminder makes it much easier for parents to find a time slot and managers to  fill those slots. 
  • Use the online survey feature to test ideas. Find out availability for reschedule dates or thoughts on tournaments, parties or team mascots without taking time away from activities on the field.
  • Collect online RSVP's for games, parties, even chaperones.  There is now a better way than the email reply all blitz, spreadsheet tallies or pencil and paper.
  • Set up discussion forums. Tournament logistics, activity idea generation and more are can be simpler to handle online. Clubs can set up restricted forums just for coaches. A coach can also set up a restricted forum just for the team’s players.

You know…simplifying or getting rid of those tedious tasks can also reduce coach and manager burnout

Image of sample soccer survey

Portion of a sample event RSVP.

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