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Lianas soccer team websites support soccer clubs in the efficient and effective delivery of youth soccer programs. This helps make soccer the sport of choice for the athletes your club serves and your club the employer of choice of your coaches.

In a marketplace in which clubs compete for coaches, players, and parental support, anything your club can do to improve peoples’ experiences will give you a “leg up” on the competition. 

Clubs and teams love Lianas

Centralized information. Lianas team-centered communication hubs with club-level features make posting and finding information simple both for individual teams and for the club. All communication is in one place and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

Integrate communication and management systems with a central database. No more administrative cutting and pasting contacts between systems that don’t “talk to each other.” Each user has a single password and user ID for ready access to all systems:

  • Club communication,
  • Team communication and information,
  • Registrations,
  • Calendars and schedules
  • Game information and directions
  • Coach and player information
  • Social events,
  • Online payments,
  • Surveys,
  • Voting,
  • Discussion boards,
  • Event RSVPs,
  • Photo albums and more.

Hands-on support. Though Lianas solutions are easy to use, even the best club solution can be challenging to rollout and implement with 40+ teams. Lianas is here to help you every step of the way with live technical support and hands-on assistance.  We also offer online FAQs and other Resource Materials to help answer common questions.

Easier new club programming. Speedy surveys and other communication to targeted email lists, informational web pages, calendar postings of activities, online sign-ups and payment options make it simpler to start new programming.

Enhance coach and player training. You can post documents and skill- and age-appropriate training videos on team sites for easy access by coaches, parents and players and for greater consistency across teams.

Give coaches and families instant notification of last-minute changes. Rain delays, cancellations, and location changes? Bring it on! The email-to-text message feature means everybody on the contact list receives the message in seconds, whether it is sent by a team manager or the club administrator.

Raise club or team funds through sponsors and advertising. You can cover your website costs, and more, with this option.

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For me, your site has made it fairly painless to manage the website for our club. I am able to tell those responsible for an area… that the site is easy enough to use that they don’t need me involved and it’s true!” 

– Bruce O., Club Vice President