Having an effective, fun and easy to use website is affordable.

Lianas Web Solutions Don’t Break the Bank.

We believe that we offer the best value for your money in the marketplace. Lianas fees for soccer websites are generally contracted through the club.

Club Pricing

Fees for clubs are based upon:

  • Number of teams, and
  • The selected level and integration of services.

Club service options include:

  • Administrative support,
  • On-line Registration,
  • Online payments,
  • Template customization for teams such as academy line-up management,
  • Administrative management of team sites including content, events and announcements,
  • Analytics, and
  • Advertising module options.

Contact us to discuss how Lianas can support your club and for multi-team and club pricing. We don’t charge extra for advanced functionality, disk space, web hosting, traffic, document and image storage, emails, or additional family members in the same household. The set up fee depends upon the amount of content that needs to be preloaded and on any other customizations. Contact us for more information.

Individual Teams

Fees for an individual team:  $85 per team per year. 

Free 30-day trial

If there are 2 or fewer teams from your club using the site, you may be eligible for a free trial site.  If you like the site, we hope that you will recommend us to the club. Try out your own Lianas web solution with no obligation for 30 days. Get Started Now.

Satisfaction guarantee

There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee period after your free trial. Paid subscription fees are refundable for written cancellations within this period. Set up fees cover expenses incurred on behalf of the club to ready the site, acquire domain names, etc., and are not refundable.

Payment Terms

Annual payment is due 60 days after you start, and it includes 30 free days of evaluation.


See FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions. 

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