Organize, communicate and play.

Build community

Communication is the core of community. Lianas websites help you:

Keep people informed and organized with a centralized events calendar, announcements, documents, maps, and directions. You can also link to relevant external resources.

Increase participation and use of club facilities and programs. It’s easy to communicate your existing programs and start new ones. Online sign-ups and payments are a snap.

Help people get to know each other through online discussion forums on whatever topics they want, through polls and surveys, and by sharing photos and videos.  Members can download photos they like.

Improve the quality, speed and depth of club decision-making. Increase membership participation in critical decisions through surveys and online voting.

Keep the right mix of public and private information within three layers of access:

  • Public—Use public content to market your club.
  • Members only—Private to your community members. Certain pages also can be restricted to a subset of your membership, for example a board-only discussion forum.
  • Administrative—Your site manager has universal access to every page of the site. In addition your Board, functional managers, coaches, or other individuals can be given site-manager access or editor access to specific pages. For example, the Swim Team manager can “own” all of the swim-team related pages or set up a non-site manager to modify the swim team and supplemental pages.

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In the past starting a new program was a big challenge. Getting the information to interested members and then determining a level of interest was a significant barrier. Now we can email directly to members based upon their interests.”

—Laura, Tennis VP.