Organize, communicate and play.

Make it easy for members and managers

A Lianas website makes it easier for members and managers at your club to get and stay involved through:

Centralized club information. A Lianas communication hub makes posting and finding information simple.

Integrated communication and management systems with a central database. Each member has a single password for one-stop access to:

  • Club communication,
  • Registrations,
  • Swim team,
  • Tennis program,
  • Court reservations,
  • Social events,
  • Surveys,
  • Discussion boards,
  • Photo albums and more. 

Easy to learn-and-use editorial features. Anyone who knows how to use a word processing program has the skills to add information or make changes on a Lianas website. Now your managers can own their content. No more dependence on a web guru to post stuff.

Easy-to-use systems. Members can easily customize their profiles so they will be sent only the information for their interests. They can also quickly RSVP for social events, volunteer for specific duties or swim meets, make tennis reservations, participate in surveys and discussion boards or add photos.

Automated reminders. Lianas websites give people gentle, automated nudges to help them remember their volunteer commitments for social events or swim meets, and tennis court reservations.

Instantly notify people of last-minute changes. Rain delays, cancellations, and location changes? Bring it on! The email-to-text message feature means everybody on the list receives the message in seconds.

Make new programming easier with speedy surveys and other communication to targeted email lists, informational web pages, calendar postings of activities, and online sign-ups and payment options.

Help people quickly find location info. The Lianas location mapping feature lets managers attach a location map which generates driving directions to any event. Map links can be added to any page on the site.

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For me, your site has made it fairly painless to manage the website for our club. I am able to tell those responsible for an area, like Swim Team, that the site is easy enough to use that they don’t need me involved and it’s true!” 

– Bruce O., Club Vice President