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Save time and money

Most people wish they had more time and more money. Get more of both with a Lianas web solution when you:

Raise club funds through sponsors and advertising. You can cover your website costs, and more with this option

Eliminate printing and postage costs for directory, newsletter, registration, membership, and forms mailings

Stop stuffing envelopes for large mailings (the least favorite task at most clubs)

Reduce waste for parties when you know who’s coming to dinner

End unnecessary, time-consuming trips to the club to see if a last-minute tennis court is available or to sign up for something on a bulletin board.

Online Voting means the club can get something done without a physical meeting or mailed ballot.  "Turnout " is generally much higher.  If necessary, it allows a quick iteration and re-vote.

For a club with 200 households, these savings are produced with a site that costs less than one postage stamp per family per month. 

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A mailed ballot and return postcard costs about $1.25/family and 10 hours of volunteer time to prepare and tally the votes. On-line voting saves time and money, and surprisingly our voter turnout is much higher.”

– Eric, Club President.