Organize, communicate and play.

Simplify Life

Lianas simplifies the lives of your members and managers with:

Integrated communication and management systems. All club-related communication is in one place and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

One user ID and password per member. Site access for all systems is coordinated through a single website interface with a single database using one set of user IDs and passwords.

Easy online access and automation of tasks. The site simplifies things like:

  • Membership profile updates
  • Directory preparation
  • Newsletter mailings and forms distribution
  • Contact information updates
  • Member email changes
  • Event RSVPs and swimmer opt in/out
  • Party and swim meet online volunteer management and email reminders
  • Registration (including an export file for swim software)
  • Online payments
  • Tennis court reservations
  • Membership votes and surveys

You know…simplifying or getting rid of those tedious tasks can also reduce volunteer and staff burnout.

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[We]  started down the path of using several different systems to manage social events, tennis reservations and the swim team …[we] quickly became bogged down…. The Lianas solution integrates all of our ad hoc systems into one. One sign on for each member, one database to maintain, one central hub for all communications."

– Brooks, Club President