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Did you know?

Some clubs cover the entire cost of their sites through sponsorships and ads, plus raise extra funds. 

Club sponsorship and advertising opportunities

Your Lianas website also offers you revenue opportunities through sponsorships and advertising space that you may sell.

See advertising to learn more.



Having an effective, fun and easy to use website is affordable.

Lianas web solutions don’t break the bank.

Lianas swim & tennis platform fees are based on the number of active households in your club or organization.

We don’t charge extra for the “advanced” functionality of: 

  • Platform features,
  • Disk space,
  • Web hosting,
  • Traffic,
  • Document and image storage,
  • Emails,
  • Additional family members in the same household, or
  • Ongoing technical support.

Free 30-day trial

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Low fees

  • Clubs 1 – 275 members: $0.40 per household per month (Minimum: $20 per month)
  • Clubs 276-400 members: $0.32 per additional household per month 
  • Clubs 401 and above members: $0.25 per additional household per month 

Contact us for larger club and Home Owner’s Association pricing.

Set-up charge

There is a one-time setup fee of $200 which includes:

  • Acquisition of a domain name or assistance pointing your domain name to our server,
  • Loading your existing member database into the system, 
  • Loading your club logo onto your site, and
  • Any technical support you may need to get started.

Advertising module fee

If your club chooses to use the club-wide advertising module, which randomly displays as many advertisements from as many advertisers or sponsors as you wish in the prime viewing ad location on each page, there is an annual charge. 

Any size club: $0.10 per household per month. So, a 200 member club would paqy $20 per month, a total of $240 per year. Discounts are available for larger clubs. For more information, contact us or call Lianas toll-free at 1-855-237-4441.

Satisfaction guarantee

There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee period after your free 30-day trial. Paid subscription fees are refundable for written cancellations within this period. Set up fees cover expenses incurred on behalf of the club to ready the site, acquire domain names, etc., and are not refundable.

Payment terms

Annual payment is due 60 days after you start.


See FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

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The site is an easy decision economically. Because it is built to be managed by non-technical people, we don't have to hire a webmaster…. pay anybody to build it, or pay extra hosting fees. We save well over the annual costs of the site in postage, printing, and binding…. Add in the savings from less food waste at parties, and discontinuing the $75/month for an on-line tennis reservation system, and we are well ahead."

-- Brooks, Club President