“fyi... I LOVE the site... thanks thanks thanks.”  Debra K.

“It’s a site designed for users, not programmers.”  Bruce O., Club Vice President

“I have found the process to be very easy to use and my team members are using it a lot…. Again great tool and very helpful for our team thanks.”  Rob S., Team Manager

“The new website is great! Thank you!.”—Gina S.


See how Lianas helps you

Support your club and team activities

Sport-specific Lianas web platforms make common club and team communication activities and processes easy. The sites are loaded with great tools to help your club make the best use of people's time and other resources without the need to purchase costly add-ons.  Personalized customer service makes us different from our competitors. 

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Robust, easy-to use features

Lianas makes it simple for anyone with basic wordprocessing skills to:

  • Customize content, images, and additional pages.
  • Quickly communicate news.
  • Take common, potentially labor-intensive activities online. A few examples: registrations, payments, volunteer management, event RSVPs, court reservations, and voting.

Lianas sites offer:

  • Multiple navigation path options for frequently-sought information.
  • Sport-specific sections, resources and functions to make managing programs simpler.
  • List management features so messages get to just the right audience.
  • Simple forms distribution, collection and storage.
  • Print-friendly document formats.
  • Easy and fast photo albums.
  • Security features.

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